Kinds of food that should be kept in the refrigerator

The notion that the purchased products, is the best to be stored in the refrigerator, is wrong and dangerous practice. Refrigerators hide many traps that are really dangerous to the human health, according to new research. Most poisonings come from food that has been improperly stored in the home and infected with some kind of bacteria, which do not disappear during the heat treatment. Therefore, it is important first to get informed about the dangers and the proper methods for keeping the food before it is cooked or made a salad.

Kinds of food that should be kept in the refrigerator

Often we buy larger quantities of fruits or vegetables, and usually we go shopping once a week, so there is a problem, how to store the food properly, to keep it fresh, longer time to eat? Which ones from the purchased products should not be stored in the refrigerator? You probably do not want the end of the week to have a bunch of spoiled food, which should be thrown in the trash.

Tomato – All those who grow tomatoes in the garden, know that they want heat, not cold. This rule should be applied, also when you store them. For these reasons, the refrigerator is not the best place to store this kind of vegetable. When are in it, they may turn into something that is not good for your health. They may serve you for cooking, but not as a fresh salad. It is best to keep them in the kitchen, but not directly exposed to the sun.

Basil – Tomatoes and basil are a good combination for cooking, but also should be kept in the similar place before use. Basil also loves the heat, so, if it is longer in the refrigerator, it may fade prematurely. With fresh basil is best to be handled as well as the flowers. Keep it in a glass of water, which will change every second day, far away from direct sunlight. If you cover it with a plastic bag, which has holes to flow the air, then the basil will stay fresh logn time.

Potatoes – Potatoes like cold, but not excessive. Under no circumstances you should store potatoes in the refrigerator, because they need at least ten degrees higher temperature. Many people today do not have a basement – so the dark and cold space is usually replaced in some corner in the apartment, where the potatoes can be stored in a paper bag. Why paper? Unlike plastic bags, the air flow is facilitated, so it is easier to prevent the rotting of the potatoes.

Garlic– To stay long time fresh, the garlic should be stored in a dry place, and there it usually lasts long. The fridge is too wet, besides, it lacks air flow and comes easier to rot. Do not store the garlic near the potato, because it emits moisture, which encourages the rot. This vegetable should be kept it in a cool and dark place, where there is a good ventilation. Because of the light, it can become bitter.

Avocado – Avocados begins to ripen after they are harvested. When you buy avocados, store them in the refrigerator, because it will slow down the process of ripening.

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