A Couple of Evidence – Based Health Tips You Should Know

Health and nutrition plat a crucial role in making life easier for all of us. People have different opinions about different health tips in both opposing and supportive dimensions. However, there are various health tips that are actually supported by the experiments and research studies. Here are two of such tips:

1. Do not use sugary drinks excessively

sugary drinks

Fruit juices, sodas, and sweetened teas are the major sources of added sugar in the diet at the global level. The excessive intake of sugar drinks may result in various health issues such as heart problems and Type 2 Diabetes. In children, the use of sugar drinks is one of the main reasons behind obesity. In adults, they cause fatty liver disease and high blood pressure.

2. Eat seeds and nuts frequently


In terms of nutritious value, nuts and seeds possess incredible qualities. They contain various important components that are helpful in different body functions. These components are protein, fiber, vitamins, and minerals. They protect our body against diabetes and heart diseases. They are also helpful in losing weight.

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