5 easy ways to start losing weight, check it out!

Here’s a plan how to start losing your weight:

– Start your day with oatmeal

– Ditch the quilt

– Ignore the scale

– Don’t drink your calories

– Avoid eating later in the night

What happens when you do planks every day?

1. Research shows it can help keep hunger at bay better than other cereals.

2. Recent research shows beating yourself up about eating something indulgent can sabotage your weight loss efforts.

3. Numbers go up and down and stall in a plateau all the time, which can do a number on your motivation. A better idea: Focus on healthy habits rather than weigh-ins—it’s likely to result in more pounds dropped, according to a recent study.

4. Around 40% of the average person’s daily liquid calories come from sugar drinks. Stick to water, unsweetened ice tea, or black or skim milk-infused coffee.

5. People who usually eat dinner around 10 p.m. consume 300 calories more per day than people who eat earlier.

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