The ingredient that makes orchids bloom like crazy!

Orchids are nature’s masterpiece that we adore, and this simple natural fertilizer ingredient turns them into true stars at the speed of light. Here’s the secret.

Garlic is a key ingredient for your orchids to grow strong and flourish! Repelling pests, preventing fungal infections and supporting vigor for fast and lush growth – all this is provided by this amazing natural fertilizer.


How to do it? Mix a teaspoon of garlic powder with boiling water, strain the mixture and put the liquid in a water sprayer. Then spray the orchids with this liquid.

Sulfur from garlic contributes to the creation of vital elements such as chlorophyll, proteins and amino acids, necessary for healthy orchid growth. But be careful! Use garlic water sparingly, preferably as a monthly preventative treatment. Overdoing it can do more harm than good to your precious plants.

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