Tips and Tricks to cleaning faster

Last minute visitor cleaning tips

Imagine of this scenario, you have a visitor who wants to come visit you at your house. All of a sudden you check your house and discover its a mess. You want to clean it faster  and present a good image. You can’t afford your visitor to see your house as dirty. What can you do? Here are tips and tricks to speed the cleaning process.

Where can you begin from?

Begin by focusing on the areas where you expect to invest the most time.  Don’t be concerned about spaces that won’t be visible to others. In the case of an unexpected guest, you can close your bedroom door unless it’s a specific social call. However, for routine hosting, simply close the doors to private rooms to avoid distractions when time is limited.

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Given that the kitchen is typically the gathering spot, let’s begin there. Your objective is to declutter surfaces swiftly. Consider stashing items away rapidly. Dispose of anything that’s garbage, and if there are dishes left out, place them in the dishwasher. In a dire situation, you can even stash them under the sink-hardly anyone will check there.

Similar to the kitchen, you’ll experience a significantly cleaner feel when your flat surfaces are uncluttered. In the living room, focus on the coffee table or side tables, and, of course, the dining table in the dining room. These surfaces often accumulate the most clutter, affecting the overall tidiness of the room.

It’s recommended to  thoroughly clean your bathroom, emphasizing that you never know when someone might use it. Unfortunately, the bad news is that people tend to scrutinize bathrooms due to the private, well-lit environment with fewer distractions. It’s human nature to look around in bathrooms. Now, let’s break this down into steps. Begin by quickly cleaning the toilet-after all, it’s a toilet. As with other rooms, clear the counters, give them a wipe, and then use a Swiffer to clean the floor.

Remember the first impression guests will have-the entryway. Hoffman recommends stepping outside your house and then walking back in. See what you notice. If you’re living with things day in and out, there’s a chance they’re just part of the landscape for you. If you walk in with fresh eyes, you might spot dust bunnies in the corner or cobwebs hanging from the light fixture. Clean what you eye seems

I’ve come across a rather unconventional “tip” on an Airbnb hosting advice website: if hosts are pressed for time, they can simply spray cleaning product into the air. As a fellow superhost with a detailed multi-page cleaning checklist, I find this suggestion surprising. However, for personal use in your own home? Well, it’s an interesting approach, and why not give it a try?It does work because we have such strong associations with smell to trick our brains.


In General, the goal here is to make your visitor happy. Its about creating that impression or rather something like damage control. With these tips and tricks you are able to impress yours visitors who are not coming to sleep there.

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