Forget the iron: Put this in the washing machine and your clothes will come out as if they were ironed!

Many women find ironing boring and would like to avoid it. With this trick you will only do it on some items of clothing.

Is there a way to avoid ironing? Of course. Or at least reduce it to the smallest possible extent. You need to apply a simple trick that is circulating on the internet. Women who have tried it say it really works. After washing, the clothes from the machine will be almost as if they were ironed. Of course, you will need to iron shirts and similar clothes, but everything else will not be necessary.

washing machine

Best of all, it’s cheap and you need something you already use in the kitchen – aluminum foil. Make 2-3 tennis balls out of aluminum foil and put them in the washer and dryer with your clothes. Thanks to them, the clothes will spin better in the machine, the accumulation of static in the dryer will be prevented and the clothes will not be wrinkled.

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