If your hair gets greasy quickly, try these simple tricks

Hair care for women is one of the most important things, and beautiful hair is what most men notice first, and depending on its quality, it will get greasy faster or slower.

It is known that hair becomes greasy faster when it is not colored, but don’t worry – there are a few tricks that will keep it clean and lush for longer.

greasy hair

Dry the hair roots with a hair dryer

In this way, the hair will be less greasy and have volume. Dry only the root and let the rest of the hair dry naturally.

Use a shower cap

Be sure to use a hat when you shower, as this will prevent the humidity from wreaking havoc on your hair.

Shampoo for washing dry hair before going to bed

Use it before going to bed and in the morning your hair will have volume. Try to run your hands through your hair less, because that’s how you lubricate it.

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