The best trick for cleaning dust: Pour a drop of this liquid in water and your home will shine

If you’re tired of dusting every other day, then try the old museum trick. With this one ingredient you will clean the whole house without destroying your furniture.

These are five ways you can clean your house with glycerin.

Sparkling clean floors

To quickly and effectively clean dirty floors, just add a few drops of glycerin to a bucket of water.

Get rid of dust in the long run

To do this, add some glycerin to a bowl of water. Dampen a cloth with that water and wipe the surface. You won’t see the dust for at least 10 days. This cleaning method is used in museums.

Removes stains from clothes

Put a few drops of glycerin on the stain and rinse everything with water to which you have added a little salt. To remove a tea, coffee or chocolate stain, just make a mixture of glycerin and salt, apply it to the stain and wash the stain after half an hour.

Proper maintenance of leather furniture

If you have scratched your leather furniture, just wipe it with a cotton cloth soaked in glycerin. Repeat the procedure two to three times.


Mix glycerin and ethyl alcohol in a ratio of 1:10 and wipe the windows with this. Neither dust nor dirt will damage the cleanliness of your windows for a long time.

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