Siberian Tigers: How They Live and Survive?

The Siberian Tigers (also known as Amur Tigers) are often found in Northeastern China, Russian Far East, and South Korea. The weight of these tigers ranges between 180 and 306 kgs for males. The females have an average weight of around 130 kgs. These tigers are known for their thick fur, coarse, and sparse.

Siberian Tigers

The Siberian Tigers are the largest and the rarest in the big cats’ category. There are rarely seen in the modern ages in their native regions. However, the modern technology has made it possible to reveal their nature, behavior, and livelihood.

Siberian Tigers

In Russia, there are only 500 Siberian Tigers left as of 2020. To know more about Siberian Tigers, you may watch this amazing documentary about their history, characteristics, and many more.


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