Nettle – natural cleanser of the organism

Nettle is an herb that can be found everywhere, which means anyone can use the benefits of its healing properties. But we know very little about its medicinal and nutritional ingredients.

In continuation of the text you will see what can be cured by the nettle:

It is naturally best blood cleaner. Nettle is a natural cure for diseases such as inflammation, stones and sand, and may even act preventively to the creation of stones in the kidney and urinary tract. To stimulate urination, daily you need to drink 3 to 4 cups fresh nettle tea. Because from the nettle can be used, the leaf, the seed, and the root, it is considered as the best natural scavenger of the human body. Nettle helps to the prevent the accumulation of kidney stones and urinary tract infection. It is also a great diuretic, reduces pain from arthritis, and can be used against asthma, eczema and many other diseases.

Nettle - natural cleanser of the organism

It can be used as a tea, fresh salad, and as an addition to many dishes. Therefore, it should be used very often on our dinner table.

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