3 amazing uses of coffee grounds that will amaze you

We shouldn’t throw coffee grounds in the sink, but it looks like we shouldn’t be throwing them away at all.

coffee grounds

Without a doubt, coffee grounds are one of the things we throw away the most. Not everyone knows that it has many different applications in different areas – from gardening and home maintenance to body care. Discover some of them and make your lifestyle even greener!

Maintenance of green plants
Coffee grounds are an excellent alternative to chemical fertilizers. Mix it with water and put it in flower beds to grow flowers and plants 100% naturally. In its pure form, not mixed with water, it will protect plants from ants and other pests.

Application in the kitchen
You can use coffee grounds to clean pots and pans, especially to remove greasy crusts from the grill. You can also cover the bottom of the trash can with a layer of coffee grounds to combat bad odors. Coffee is also a good hand deodorant, use it to get rid of the smell of onions and garlic after cooking. Just mix the sediment with soap.

Face and body care
Use coffee grounds as a face and body scrub. Mix it with olive oil or other vegetable oil to keep your skin soft and nourished. The same mixture as for peeling, with the addition of a spoonful of sun-dried green clay, is excellent for massaging and reducing bags under the eyes.

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