What is the lifespan of popular cell phones?

Phones begin to perform worse over time, their batteries drain faster, random failures occur and they begin to work more slowly.

Since smartphones are usually not a cheap investment, it is useful to know the average lifespan of popular mobile phones. It can help you choose your next phone.

The Komando website states that the average lifespan of today’s cell phones is about 2.5 years. With newer devices, it can be even less, between 15 and 18 months.

Devices from big, popular companies like Apple and Samsung tend to last longer than devices from smaller companies.

This is the average lifespan of popular cell phones:

– iPhone – between four and eight years

– Samsung – between three and six years

– Google Pixel – between three and five years

– Huawei – between two and four years.

Komando reminds that this is an average lifespan that may vary from device to device. Let’s also add that the life of the phone starts from the moment it is made, not from the moment we buy it.

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