Slice and dice with ease: Dental floss, your secret weapon for perfectly cut cheese and baked goods!

Cutting through soft and creamy foods like cheesecake or goat cheese can often be a challenge, especially when traditional knives tend to create a messy and uneven finish. But what if we told you that the key to achieving flawless slices lies not in the kitchen drawer, but in your dental care arsenal? Yes, dental floss isn’t just for your pearly whites – it’s a game-changer when it comes to slicing through delectable treats. Let’s delve into this unconventional yet incredibly effective life hack.

The Unlikely Hero: Dental Floss

When it comes to certain culinary delights, precision is key, and dental floss offers a surprising solution. Renowned chef Baldwin recommends this unconventional tool for slicing through foods like cheesecake, goat cheese, or even delicate baked goods like cinnamon rolls. Unlike a knife, dental floss is incredibly thin, eliminating the drag that often leads to a messy cut. The result? Clean, smooth slices achieved with a simple loop and pull of the floss.

The Technique: A Loop and Pull

Using dental floss to cut through your favorite creamy treats is a breeze. Simply loop a piece of dental floss around the food item, ensuring it wraps evenly around your fingers. Gently pull the ends in opposite directions, letting the floss effortlessly glide through the food. The result is a perfectly cut slice, without the risk of smushing or flattening softer items during the cutting process.

Versatility in Culinary Precision

This dental floss hack isn’t limited to just cheese – it extends its culinary prowess to delicate baked goods. Imagine flawlessly slicing through a batch of fresh cinnamon rolls without the usual deformation or compression. Dental floss creates a clean and precise cut, maintaining the integrity of softer items that might otherwise succumb to the pressure of a traditional knife.

Choosing the Right Floss

While dental floss may seem like a whimsical kitchen tool, choosing the right type is crucial for culinary success. Chef Baldwin advises steering clear of mint-flavored varieties and opting for straightforward, waxed floss. The thinness and smooth texture of regular dental floss ensure that it effortlessly navigates through your culinary creations without imparting any unwanted flavors.

Why It Works

The secret lies in the thinness of dental floss, which eliminates resistance and drag, ensuring a smooth cutting process. The loop-and-pull technique allows for precision without compromising the texture or presentation of your favorite dishes.

Beyond the Kitchen: Faster and Cleaner

As a bonus, the dental floss slicing technique isn’t just about precision; it’s also faster and cleaner. Say goodbye to the struggles of uneven cuts and the frustration of sticky blades. Dental floss makes the process efficient and leaves you with perfectly sliced portions.


Next time you find yourself reaching for a knife to cut through that creamy cheesecake or delicate cinnamon roll, consider the unconventional yet brilliantly effective dental floss hack. Embrace the loop-and-pull technique, and watch as your slices come out cleaner, smoother, and with a touch of culinary finesse. It’s not just about dental care anymore – dental floss might just become your new secret weapon in the kitchen. Happy slicing!

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