Habits that lead to older look

Here are some habits that may cause you to look older than you are, your habits that increase the years, and for which certainly, you don’t have assumed that perhaps have that influence.

Habits that lead to older look

Drinking from straws 

Drinking from straws leads to wrinkles around the mouth. Given that nonstop the mouth is snoring, it creates wrinkles that can destroy your look.

Sleep only on the one side 

Sleep only one side also leads to wrinkles. If you only sleep on one side, that side of the face will be up all night pressed on the pillow, and thus the skin can not freely breathe.

You don’t wear sunglasses 

If you do not wear sunglasses, the sun will bother you to have a clear view, and therefore you close the eye a little, jerks the muscle around the eyes and you burden the skin, therefore as a consequence occur undesirable wrinkles around the eyes.Habits,

You use soap

Soap contains detergents that dry out the skin. And we all know that when the skin is dry, it is aging faster. We recommend to wash the face only with water.

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