DIY Fabric Face Mask

It is the time when everyone needs a facemask to stay secure from the coronavirus infection as it has spread all across the world. The medical stores have already sold all of the facemasks they have. It is hard for the manufacturers to fulfill the demand for the masks.

DIY Fabric Face Mask

There is nothing to worry about as you can make a face mask by using fabric at your home. Here are the steps for the DIY Fabric Face Mask preparation.

• Take a 15*8-inch fabric piece
• Fold it half and measure three inches from each end
• Cut 2 7-inch pieces of elastic
• Paste them to each end of the fabric mask
• Sew both sides of the mask by using a sewing machine
• Turn the fabric right side out and press it
• Your mask is ready

The whole procedure of making a fabric facemask at home is given in the video:

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