3 DIY Face mask tips – You can make them at home

There are three most easy ways to make the facemasks at home. The coronavirus pandemic has pushed us towards wearing a facemask whenever we go outside. In the post, you will know how you can make a facemask at your home by using the common products.

3 DIY Face mask tips

1. Face Mask with Filter

It is one of the most common ways to make a face mask with filter by using paper, filter, and clothes. You will also need a pen and ruler for measuring the length of the clothes and paper used in the mask. Watch the video for knowing how to make it.

2. Emergency Face Mask

You want to go out in an emergency and you do not have a face mask. You can make it if you have a handkerchief in your pocket. Watch the video for knowing the complete procedure.

3. Face Mask by using tissue

You can make a face mask by using tissue, rubber band, and stapler. It is very easy to make it within three minutes. Here is the complete procedure.

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