Old Mason Jars- New Beautiful Decorations

Jars have become one of the most popular ways to decorate your home with, for various occasions. Given that there are many different ideas they can be used in countless creative ways in our homes, we found some interesting suggestions, and for most of them no more than paints, glue, fabrics, sticky paper and decorative strips are needed. And the spray is one of the options with which you can beautify them and give them a new look.

With a little effort, your old jars can become beautiful vases for flowers, dishes for small things in the kitchen, candles or children’s toys. You will be sorry when you remember every jar you threw away, and they could have become one of the decorations we share with you. So take a look below in our inspirational collection and choose one of the beautiful designs that you can do by yourself.


DIYmason jars
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