Trouble code list for Sharp AR-5516 / AR-5520

Details of trouble codes

E7 01 Duplex model memory error/ Image data error
1. The memory capacity for the duplex model machine is wrong. Insufficient memory capacity.
2. Duplex setting is set for a single surface model.
1. The memory capacity on the MCU PWB is wrong.
2. Setting for a single surface model is wrong.
Check and remedy:
1. Use SIM26-39 to check to confirm that the memory capacity is 64MB. If it is not 64MB, replace the MCU PWB.
2. If SIM26-04 is set to 1, change the setting to 0. If it is 0, replace the MCU PWB.
E7 02 LSU trouble
The BD signal from the LSU cannot be detected in a certain cycle. (Always OFF or always ON)
LSU connector or LSU harness defect or disconnection.
Polygon motor rotation abnormality.
Laser beams are not generated.
MCU PWB abnormality.
Check and remedy:
Check connection of the LSU connector.
Execute SIM 61-03 to check the LSU operations.
Check that the polygon motor rotates normally.
Check that the laser emitting diode generates laser beams.
Replace the LSU unit.
Replace the MCU PWB.
E7 06 Image data decode error
Image expansion error.
MCU PWB abnormality; USB cable trouble.
Check and remedy:
Replace the MCU PWB; Replace the USB cable.

E7 10 Shading trouble (Black correction)
E7 11 Shading trouble (White correction)
E7 16 Abnormal laser output
F2 02 Toner supply abnormality
F2 04 Improper cartridge (destination error, life cycle error); Identification error; Model error; Type error; Destination error; Data abnormality; Misc error
F2 40 ATC sensor abnormality
F5 02 Copy lamp lighting abnormality
H2 00 Thermistor open
H3 00 Heat roller high temperature detection
H4 00 Heat roller low temperature detection
H5 01 5 continuous POUT not-reached error
L1 00 Scanner feed trouble
L3 00 Scanner return trouble
L4 01 Main motor lock detection
L4 31 Fusing FAN lock detection
L4 32 PSFAN lock detection
L6 10 Polygon motor lock detection
U2 04 EEPROM read/write error (serial communication error)
U2 11 Counter check sum error (EEPROM)
U2 12 Adjustment value check sum error (EEPROM)
U2 40 CRUM chip communication error
— Auditor NOT READY
CH ON None Side door open
CH Blink None Developing cartridge not installed


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