Never throw away the water in which the eggs are boiled – it can be very beneficial for the plants

If you have indoor plants, this is a must-know trick

When it comes to pasta, we all know that the water in which it is cooked should not be thrown away as it can be used for sauces. But it is little known that the water in which the eggs were boiled can be used for plants!

Plants like calcium, it contributes to their strength, and there is a lot of it in the water in which the eggs are boiled. Also, calcium helps maintain a good soil pH. It is important to wait for the water to cool to room temperature before watering the plants.

Yellow-brown spots on the leaves, which are surrounded by a brown border, and slow growth. Sufficient calcium in the soil makes plants less susceptible to disease and damage.

If the leaves of your plants are dry and lack luster, try to revive them in the way of experienced gardeners.

Put just a little mayonnaise on a clean cloth and wipe the leaves of the plants with it. Not only will you have beautiful, shiny plant leaves, but the mayonnaise will break down and completely pick up any dust that has accumulated.

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