How to choose the best color to make fairy tale child’s room

Children’s room more than any other room in the house should be decorated with comfort and security but also to provide a space for wishful thinking without boundaries. Your child’s room should be organized in a way that expresses their personal affinities and desires. Besides bed in the children’s room should have a bedside cabinet, wardrobe for clothes, a chair and a small desk. If the room looks too small, the size you can make up for by using pale and muted tones. If your child’s room is big, you need to decorate it with a strong and rich tones to give a sense of intimacy. It is very important the correct choice of colors. There are favorable and unfavorable colors for a certain part of the house. Besides the shade, and intensity is important also. It is recommended to use up to three different colors, because more colors would interrupt the harmony and the room can look chaotic and disorderly. When choosing colors for your child’s room, it is important to match with the other elements.

Blue color gives peace to every space, and also reduces stress and tension. If you opt for this color, it will give you a calming effect.

Pink color is a calming shade of red, is also called feminine color. Little girls adore this color, because in them it awakens tenderness, romance and playfulness, so it is advantageous for children’s rooms.

The yellow color provides warmth and liveliness to the room. The child will have a good and pleasant mood, and increased communication.

The yellow color is perfect for small children’s rooms, because visually will increase the space.

Green color boosts confidence and relax. The bright shades symbolize growth, while darker tones in large amounts can affect mesmerizing.

Orange color brings good luck and helps for reviving the area. This color is a great choice for any children’s room. It is a symbol of health, vitality, enthusiasm and optimism. So choose the effect you want to achieve and make a dreamy kids room which will look like form a fairytale!


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